Overtime Rules Set to Change Again Columbus, OH
Overtime Rules Set to Change Again
The Department of Labor has issued a final rule increasing the salary levels that will be required for certain overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor...
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Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Columbus, Ohio
Client Alert: Corporate Transparency Act Compliance
The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which aims to combat money laundering, tax fraud, the financing of terrorism, and other illicit activity through...
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Navigating Legal Potholes Small Business Columbus, OH
Navigating the Legal Potholes of Small Business
Shay joins Ashley Cox's podcast, The Ripple Effect, to discuss the legal potholes of small businesses.  Excerpt: We discussed the complexities of employment...
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FTC Proposes Rule Banning Noncompete Agreements
FTC Proposes Rule Banning Noncompete Agreements
We’re currently monitoring the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rule that would ban the use of noncompete agreements with workers nationwide, including...
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Text message signature Columbus, OH
Text Message as Signature: Be Careful What You Agree To
We regularly try to remind business owners and nonprofit directors that they should not do business on a handshake. Too many problems creep up when the...
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Advertising Law Part 2 Columbus, OH
Advertising Law Part 2: Facing the Competition
We frequently tell clients and prospective clients that no matter what kind of business you own and no matter how much time you’d like to spend developing...
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Disclosing Your Salary Information Columbus, Ohio
Disclosing Salary Information: Nice to Do or Must Do?
Everyone we talk to is struggling to hire new employees. Among other hiring challenges is the question of whether your job description should disclose...
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Unregistered trademark Columbus, Ohio
Be Careful With Unregistered Trademarks
A federal law known as the Lanham Act is often used for a variety of unfair competition claims brought by competitors, including infringement of unregistered...
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