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Terms of Use/Terms of Service

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Terms of Use/Terms of Service

What are the terms of service on a website or app?
The terms of service are the agreement between your business and the people (or even other businesses) that use your website or app to receive services. The terms of services describe what the users must agree to in order to continue using your services.

Why should my business website or app have terms of service?
If your business website or app has e-commerce features, sells services, or has social media/forum features, then you need to have a legally binding agreement governing how people use your services, purchase your products, or engage with other users in any social media / forum-type features. Why? Well, the short answer is that we live in a society where disgruntled customers can wreak havoc on your business reputation and tie your business up in costly and time-consuming litigation.

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A well-drafted Terms of Service can limit your business’s liability, remind customers and clients of your intellectual property rights, and govern where and how disputes are handled.