MSN Law Office

Communication Policy

Our desire is to provide the best possible client service that meets our clients’ needs while responding to their concerns in a timely manner. In order to do so, we use the following methods to communicate directly with clients: telephone, voicemail, mail, and email. In order to maintain attorney-client confidentiality and be as efficient as possible, we do not communicate with clients via text messages or social media.

Changes to Contact Information
As a client, it is your responsibility to notify the Firm in a timely manner of changes to any of your contact information. Failure to do so could delay the receipt of an important communication and negatively impact your matter.

Legal Service Updates and Letters
As a client, you will receive regular updates regarding your legal services. These updates, along with any invoices, are generally sent by email. You may also receive letters documenting major changes and events that affect your matter. For events requiring your attendance or participation (i. e. court dates or meetings), we may also send you a calendar invitation to serve as a reminder.

Phone Calls
I would love to be available to personally receive every client call. However, to maintain a functional and efficient practice, most activities in my day are scheduled ahead of time to ensure that they have my full attention. This includes phone calls with clients. My staff is equipped to handle most routine matters and inquiries, and your call will always be held in the strictest confidence. If your issue does require speaking with me immediately, then it is usually more efficient to schedule a phone or web conference or send a short email. This avoids the time that is wasted by playing phone tag and means that you will get my undivided attention (and not just a quick second between meetings). Scheduled calls will take precedence over returning messages and voicemails from unscheduled calls.

While email is often the most convenient method of communication, it can also be one of the greatest hindrances to productivity. For this reason, we try to check emails once or twice a day, usually around midday and end of day, except weekends and holidays. However, when our schedules don’t allow this frequency, our goal is to respond to most emails within 2-3 business days. 

We may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment, whether by phone or in person, if doing so would be more efficient than responding to a complex matter with a long email or series of emails.

Urgent Communications
Emergencies are rare, but they do happen. If the matter is urgent, you should call, rather than email, the office. If it is a true emergency, my staff will interrupt me and ask that I take the call. Otherwise, we will politely insist on scheduling an appointment. Again, my staff is well equipped to make such determinations.

Likewise, if I need to get your attention immediately, I will first call you, and then follow up by email and/or regular mail.

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This policy applies only to those who have retained the services of Law Office of Maritza S. Nelson, LLC.

Prospective clients: We do not give legal advice over the phone or by email. To schedule an appointment, please click here.