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What You Need to Know About Closing Down Your Business

Closing Your Business Columbus, OH

You might decide to close your business for a number of reasons. Perhaps it is no longer financially feasible, or maybe you are moving on to something else. Regardless of the reason, there are several legal tasks you’ll need to undertake to protect yourself, your credit, and your reputation within the community—especially if you think […]

Can I Start a Business While I am Still Employed?

Start a Business While Still Employed Columbus, OH

You still have a job—yet you are itching to start a business. You might wonder if you have the time to do so, or if you are even allowed to do so. The answer depends on whether you signed an employment agreement and what kind of role you have with your current employer. Here are […]

Nonprofit Bylaws Checklist

Nonprofit Checklist Columbus, OH

Ohio’s nonprofit corporate law uses “bylaws” and “regulations” interchangeably. Under Ohio law, the incorporators (the people who establish the nonprofit corporation by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State) may adopt regulations or bylaws that govern the organization

Piercing the Corporate Veil: Limited Liability? Not So Fast!

Piercing the Corporate Veil Columbus, Ohio

Forming a business entity like an LLC or a corporation typically provides limited liability protection to the owners. But in certain situations, you can find yourself personally on the hook for the debts and obligations of the business. This week we’re discussing the legal concept of “piercing the corporate veil” and why it’s used so often against small business owners.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Governance

Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Governance Columbus, OH

​Running a nonprofit organization can be quite different from running a for profit business. Instead of a single owner(s) who can largely do whatever they like, you have a board of directors to answer to, extensive oversight from the IRS and Ohio Attorney General, not to mention keeping both donors and grant funders happy. And […]

Why Your Business Website Must Have a Privacy Policy

Business Website Must Have a Privacy Policy Columbus, OH

If your business has a web presence (and in the 21st century, you really should), then you probably need a privacy policy on your website. Several relatively recent laws require business websites to post a privacy policy, but these laws aren’t universal in their applicability, especially when it comes to small businesses. Complicating matters, this area of the law is developing and changing rapidly.

Transferring Ownership of Intellectual Property

Transferring Ownership of Intellectual Property Columbus, OH

Over the lifespan of a small business, you may find yourself needing to sell or transfer intellectual property rights. There are a variety of situations where this might come up: ​Even though intellectual property rights are intangible, they can still be sold or transferred much like any other business asset. This week, we look at how to […]

Essential HR Policies: Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination

HR Policies Anti Harassment and Non Discrimination Columbus, OH

​There are a wide range of laws that cover how you as an employer treat your employees at every step in the employment process: from hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages, and benefits. And as an employer, you can be held vicariously liable for the actions of your employees, meaning if you “allow” or don’t […]

Works Made for Hire: Who owns the creation?

Works Made for Hire Columbus, OH

If a work meets the legal requirements to be considered a work made for hire, then the employer will be considered the author of the work, even if an individual employee was actually the original creator.