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Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement: The Real Version of the “Poor Man’s Copyright”

Poor Man's copyright Columbus, Ohio

In December of 2020, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (“CASE”) Act was signed into law. The CASE Act authorized the Copyright Office to create the Copyright Claims Board (“CCB”) —a voluntary, alternative forum to federal courts for resolving copyright disputes, seeking less than $30,000 in damages (so-called “small claims”). While federal court litigation certainly […]

Protecting Your Content: The Basics of Copyright Law

Basics of Copyright Law Columbus, OH

We’ve previously discussed protecting your brand by registering and enforcing your trademarks. But what about the unique content you create? Enter copyright law. Copyright protects “original works of authorship.” This can be anything from written works like books and articles, to musical and artistic creations, even computer programs and architectural plans. Copyright is an important area of […]