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Disclosing Salary Information: Nice to Do or Must Do?

Disclosing Your Salary Information Columbus, Ohio

Everyone we talk to is struggling to hire new employees. Among other hiring challenges is the question of whether your job description should disclose the pay range for the position. As legal counsel, we’re not here to wade into the debate over whether it’s more equitable to disclose a pay range (it is*) or whether you’re in a better bargaining position if you require candidates to disclose first. But we do want to make small businesses and nonprofits aware of the changing legal landscape. 

Applying for Tax Exempt Status? Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Applying for Tax-Exempt Status Columbus, OH

​If you’ve ever considered starting a nonprofit organization, then you’ve probably taken a look at the IRS’ Application for Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status. IRS Form 1023 is a daunting application to say the least. At one point, the IRS estimated that for the average person to properly complete and submit the form would take more than 100 hours. It is the equivalent of getting audited before your organization even gets started. And after putting in all of that work, nearly 15% of applications never get approved.

What are some of the common mistakes that could hinder or delay your application, effectively destroying your mission-driven project before it even gets off the ground?

Joint Venture Checklist

Joint Venture Checklist Columbus, OH

There are many reasons why you might consider partnering with another business or nonprofit. Often, working with another business that is not a direct competitor can provide your business with some expertise that it doesn’t already have or that you may not have the resources to develop in-house. This can lead to the formation of […]

Essential HR Policies: Workplace Safety Policies

HR Policies Workplace Safety Policies Columbus, OH

You may think workplace safety policies only apply to “dangerous” environments like factories, construction, or even health care. But a variety of federal and state laws require nearly all employers to provide a safe workplace. And employer’s legal obligations have become increasingly complex in light of the ongoing pandemic. Small businesses and nonprofits in all […]

Legislation to Watch: Corporate Transparency Act

Legislation to Watch Corporate Transparency Act Columbus, OH

There is a major change on the horizon that will impact filing requirements for the vast majority of our small business clients. In January of 2021, Congress passed the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), which amended the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA), to crack down on the use of shell companies to launder money. You […]

How to Trademark Your Business Name in 5 Simple Steps from Start to Completion

Trademark Your Business Name Columbus, OH

When most people start a business, they tend to put off legal issues until other things have been dealt with. Business owners know that legal issues will require the services of a lawyer, which can be both expensive and intimidating. But the truth is that some legal issues regarding your new business should be dealt […]

Can I Start a Business While I am Still Employed?

Start a Business While Still Employed Columbus, OH

You still have a job—yet you are itching to start a business. You might wonder if you have the time to do so, or if you are even allowed to do so. The answer depends on whether you signed an employment agreement and what kind of role you have with your current employer. Here are […]

Essential HR Policies: Employment Classifications

HR Employment Classifications Columbus, OH.jpg

Employment classifications…probably not the most exciting section of your employee handbook. But how you classify the people who work for your small business or nonprofit impacts everything from tax withholdings to access to benefits and even which employment laws apply to which workers. Whether you are new to putting together employment policies, or it’s time […]

Trademark Modernization Act: A Renewed Emphasis on Use

Trademark Modernization Act Columbus, OH

Trademark Modernization Act of 2020Buried in the last round of COVID relief legislation were some major changes in the area of intellectual property law that will impact both trademarks and copyrights. This week we’re reviewing the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 and how it might impact small businesses in particular. The Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 (TMA) […]

Ohio’s New Employment Law Uniformity Act

employment law uniformity act Columbus, Ohio

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic and all of the questions it’s raised for employers, especially small business employers,* you may have missed a new Ohio employment law that’s about to take effect. The governor recently signed the ​​Employment Law Uniformity Act into law. As an employer, what do you need to know about this […]